The Eemshaven is the largest sea port of North Netherlands. It is situated on the shores of the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site, a protected wildlife area where many species of birds and fish as well as seals can be found. Since the beginning of this century various projects have been developed in the Eemshaven, including the construction of two power stations. Finding a good balance between economy and ecology has been a continuous aim. A new natural area was laid out and a tidal marsh was bought. In addition, a study was carried out between 2009 and 2013. What are the effects of the construction activities on the natural environment? What is the value of the new nature area? All those involved wanted to make sure the balance favoured nature. Have they succeeded? You can find the most important results of the study on this website. Have a look at our website, and you'll realise what a fantastic region this is. We need to take great care of it!

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'Because nature is dear to us'

Book 'because nature is dear to us'

Between 2009 and 2013 a study was conducted into the consequences of the building activities on nature in and around the Eemshaven. Read more



What are the results of five years of monitoring nature in and around the Eemshaven? Read more


stichting beheer natuurcompensatie

"Because nature is dear to us" is an initiative of Stichting Beheer Natuurcompensatie. The foundation was founded by Groningen Seaports, RWE and Nuon in 2009. Read more


RESEARCH 2005-2014

The permits were granted on the condition that a monitoring plan was drawn up and executed. Monitoring was required of the nature areas in and around ... Read more


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